Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking Glass

These long staple kona cotton prints based on the original Sir John Tenniel artwork for Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice books are exclusive to Puppity Mamas and can be used as part of any Puppity Mamas order.

We are always adding to this collection.

The Cabbage Roses

Tenniel’s cabbage roses represent Lewis Carroll’s Daisies in the text. They tell Alice that the tree in the middle of the garden “barks” to protects them. It says “bough wough!” and that is why tree branches are called boughs.




Coming soon:

  • Oh, my paws and whiskers! (The White Rabbit)
  • Looking Glass Land Entomology (Rocking Horse Fly, Bread & Butterfly, and Snap Dragon)
  • Looking Glass Land Zoology
  • The Lion & The Unicorn



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