Alterations and customizations

Alterations and customization available by request on any Puppity Mamas Canine Couture garment which are included in the price when creating made to order outfits as well as alterations available for an additional cost.

Please note your customizations when you place your order. We are also happy to create a custom buy button for multiple customizations on request.

Included in price of purchase

  • Velcro, snap, button, or snap buckle closures (We recommend our heavy duty velcro for its adaptability & strength)
  • D rings located at back neckline, waist, or front neckline (great for leash training!)
  • Binding, piping, or plain edge
  • Nylon handle


Available for an additional cost

  • Big & Bigger sizes for dogs with greater than 22″ ribs (2x or 3x price, as noted in each listing)
  • Fitting muslin and alterations before garment construction ($20)
  • Lace edges ($5 per edge)
  • Ribbon or lace overlay ($5 each)
  • Alternating fabric skirt ($5 per extra piece)
  • Detachable petticoat ($20)
  • Reversible stand alone petticoat ($20)
  • Extra full skirt ($10)
  • Victorian edge treatment for extra short dogs or extra full skirts ($15)
  • Self or sash fabric bows ($5 each)
  • Belly or neck extender for harnesses which have been outgrown ($5)
  • Jewelry embellishments (as listed)
  • Custom printed kona cotton fabric ($25/yard)
  • Custom printed patch ($10)
  • Iron on custom vinyl embellishment ($1 per square inch)


Reversible Walking Harness with D ring and reinforced nylon handle

Our uniquely designed walking harness patterns are created to the shape of your dog. That makes our harnesses the most comfortable harnesses out there whether your dog is the shedmonster supreme or hairless as a sphynx. We are happy to make any of our small dog clothing for bigger dogs! Due to increased material and time involved, please order two of this item if your dog’s rib measurement is greater than 25″ or length is greater than 20".


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