Custom reversible safety harness - harness dress.

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Cute enough for a little princess, comfortable enough for a little scamp.

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Our custom sized reversible harnesses are cute enough for a little princess, but comfortable and sturdy enough for a little scamp! 

We design and balance every unique harness pattern we make to minimize chafing and allow you to SAFELY lift your small-medium sized dog quickly out of harm’s way by either the handle or the leash. 

Harness features: 
-Custom to your dog's measurements 
-Fully reversible for two cute looks 
-Convenient nylon handle to lift pet safely (great for bad backs!) *
-Strong velcro closures made to last*
-Sturdy construction
-High quality materials 
-Strong metal D-ring for a leash*
-Skirt option to turn it into a harness dress

*Customization alert! Message us if you would like snap buckles instead of velcro, no handle, or an added leash training d-ring in front. Or anything else, like a cute sash or a bow.

Here at Puppity Mamas, we create our own patterns to fit real dogs. That means that our dog clothing can be worn comfortably all day, sometimes even by dogs who reject other dog clothing, because to the dog, our clothing feels just like a normal harness. 

We always use sturdy double-stitched construction for durability and longevity, and cotton-based fabrics for comfort. We recommend hand washing with gentle detergent and spot treating with Ivory soap for maximum life span, but all items without fancy embellishments tend to do just fine in the regular laundry cycle. 

Price disclosure: 
Time: 2.5-3 hrs
2018 Rate: $15/hr
Materials: <$20

See our "About" page for more about our ethos of high quality, comfortable puppies, and practical design.