The winner is in! (World’s Ugliest Dog goes to England!)

Photo credit: CNN

English Bulldog, that is. Zsa-Zsa the English Bulldog took the crown in a tight race full of Chinese Crested mix contenders (and another Bulldog affectionately, and accurately, known as “Snorlax“). But Zsa-Zsa and her extra long tongue brought that magical something to the table.

As fans and family of a strange-looking Chinese Crested mix ourselves, we’re avid followers of this annual contest.

We’re also big supporters of its purpose: raising awareness for dog adoption and encouraging people to adopt beyond the beautiful pups.

Lots of these “ugly” dogs are, like Ada Luna, the result of puppy mill irresponsible inbreeding. But they still make great pets, and sometimes even great service dogs!

After all, as Elsa reminds us at least twice a day, it’s what’s on the inside that counts: a well-rubbed full belly.

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