Now, you can order Puppity Mamas Harnesses, bath products, and clothing direct from!

We’re trying a new thing here, making our shop native to our site along with our service dog blogging (#ServiceDlogging?) Read all the way to the end if you’re interested in a freebie, by the way.

Puppity Mamas, the shop, is 100% made by us with unique patterns and formulae designed for the greatest possible canine comfort and cuteness. Since we lean toward a punk-goth-rockabilly-steampunk vibe ourselves, so do our designs. (But, of course, we’re open to customization!) All proceeds from the shop help to support us and our service dogs.

To follow our shop, keep an eye on the Shop page, tag and category. All of the new outfits, bespoke styles, and bath products* we post about will have a Buy button next to them which will allow you to purchase securely through PayPal. All bespoke (made-to-order) clothing will be made custom to your dog’s measurements, and shipping is always free.

We also put Ready To Wear batches up on Etsy, but here, you’ll see them listed with a couple of bucks off because we pay extra fees on Etsy that we don’t pay here. Ready to Wear items will look like this:

Gothic Puppy Time! Ready to Wear reversible cotton dog dress

This ready to wear dress is recommended for dogs with 7-10” neck and 11-15” rib measurements. Dress length is 13”. This all cotton fully reversible dress features a unique black-on black skull embellished skirt on one side and lovely black and white skulls & swirls motif on the other. Price disclosure: Hours: 2 2018 Rate: $12/hr Materials: <$20


If you see something you like, want to combine ideas, use a different fabric, or place a wholesale order, our email is always open:


*Ooh, did we mention the bath products?

IMG_2368We now have a line of all natural bath oils and additives that you can find under our Itchy & Olly tag and a dedicated Itchy & Olly page, too.

Because all three of our dogs have sensitive skin and allergies, we’ve been through a lot of dog products.  We’ll talk more about that in another post.  But where we haven’t been able to find the right product, we’ve made it, and boy did we not know what we were in for when we started to learn how to formulate our own beneficial dog oils and bath additives. If you haven’t already seen our Painless & Easy guide to making bathtime fun for you and your puppers, check that out, too.

Now, about that freebie we mentioned back at the beginning of this post.  The first five people with US addresses to contact us through the form below can choose to receive a sample size bottle of one of the following. All we ask in return is for your dog’s feedback, and yours, too.

  • Itchy & Olly’s City Dog Paw Oil (a cleansing and softening oil formulated to tackle even city grime!)
  • Itchy & Olly’s City Dog Paw Oil (Vegan formula)
  • Itchy & Olly’s Shiny Happy Dog Fur & Skin bath oil (Sleek or coarse fur formula)
  • Itchy & Olly’s Shiny Happy Dog Fur & Skin bath oil (Sleek or coarse fur Vegan formula)
  • Itchy & Olly’s Shiny Happy Dog Fur & Skin bath oil (Fine fur formula)
  • Itchy & Olly’s Shiny Happy Dog Fur & Skin bath oil (Fine fur Vegan formula)

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