Puppity Family Adventures: SoCal Pet Expo


Today’s adventure: the annual local Pet Expo.  Do you ever have so much fun that you don’t realize how tired you are until you’re back in the car?  It was that kind of day for all of us.  (Especially Heather, who lost track of how many friendly critters she got to pet – even a bunny!)

While your friendly local Puppity Mamas took the opportunity to meet pets and people and spread the Puppity word, our dogs were having a blast socializing and showing off their latest Puppity Mamas duds.

Our six month old trainee service pup Elsa played with every dog who would take her up on it, regardless of size, and the liberal application of some new treats by Real Meat Treats  got her socializing with the human pet fans, too.  (Thank you, Real Meat Treats.  Our dogs love you, and will do just about anything for a bite.  Training frenzy, here we come!)

Fruit Bat, on the other hand, soaked up the love from every human who looked into her big brown eyes, especially once she tried on her essential oil calming spray.  (Which we’ll review in a bit, once we’ve had a chance to see its effects on the honorable fruit bat on a normal day.)  She was verging on overwhelmed by the end of the day, but she came through like a furry little trooper.

Fruit Bat musters the energy to find out what Mamas are having for dinner

Even Ada Luna made a guest appearance with E’s mom, winning hearts and influencing people in her inimitably scruffy way, after a three mile walk.

Upcoming reviews after today’s aventures:

  • Essential oil calming spray
  • Moose antlers (All marrow? Let’s see how they compare to elk and reindeer)
  • Beef and berries jerkey treats vs lamb and liver jerkey treats
  • Specialist dog portraits
  • The state of dog clothes in the marketplace

If you have any kind of pet, going to a big expo like this is a great opportunity to find that thing you need.  You know, that THING, whatever it is. We found dedicated animal rescuers (and donated to them – you’ll never miss a buck here, a buck there), custom pet doors and furniture, pet insurance, pet vacations, carriers, crates, treats, subscription boxes, portrait studios, clean up supplies, and dozens of innovative inventions to make pet care easier for anyone with a disability.

We also met a lot of great pet owners today, and we hope you all had as much fun as we did.  If you’re checking us out from our business card, don’t forget to enter Socalexpo17 when you check out from our shop for a 15% Pet Expo discount through the end of January.   

Goodnight, Fruit Bat, goodnight, Elsa. ❤


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